QC Inspection Service

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Our products of glue in our Vietnam Factory are produced and sold under the management of Japanese system with best quality as always.

To be used our glue at ease in your factory, we supply following services to you.

For all customers: [Fieldwork and Production Support]

After confirming how and way to use glue and your product specification, we once study your production facilities, then we propose the most suitable glue and direction to you.

Cut samples of products are brought to our laboratory for evaluation and the results are reported to you by return.

If any production improvement is necessary, we propose you the best way.

After a certain time passed, we confirm the effects of the improvement, then report it to you.

Any questions is welcome when needed.

We promise to quote the best of solutions to you.

Rental Service

We supply rental service of our spreading machine units to support for increasing your production efficiency.

These machines are periodically maintenanced by our technical engineers at your site.

Our maintenance results are reported by verbally first, then by written separately.

Our spreading machine units support your high quality work on lamination.


Business matching

If you are a buyer and looking for wooden furniture products in Vietnam Market, it is our great pleasure to support you for finding a best business partner here.

Please advise your image of products you are looking for, then we would like to introduce our customers who would satisfy your needs.